Saturday Mar 24


The Big Biscuit | Ataari, Shaku, Wise Willis

All aboard! The Big Biscuit is set to take off on March 24th! 

Featuring three new underdogs of the Leeds music scene, The Fenton will be transforming into a cockpit of joy as we launch into the abyss (or as the cowboys call it, the teacup).

The night will be graciously hosted by local philanthropist Eric Dolphin, who will honour our journey with some of his well respected public speaking and stand-up comedy. 


If you would like to purchase tickets beforehand, contact any of the bands involved! We goin' old school with this one so no online purchases and only one fixed price, shady hand to hand deals encouraged. See ya there!


Meet the bands!


A hot, horny and most mysterious force - forged by music men from the farthest reaches of this earth.


Descending from all four corners of the world, Shaku are a six-piece outfit who aim to entertain you with their incredibly serious behaviour, ultimately aiming to provide a healthful 'six of your five a day' blend that is sure to fulfil all your nutritional needs.

Wise Willis:

Wise Willis are/is cool. They do music with singers, and some people enjoy it. Their music is a 50/50 split between steampunk and DFS sales. Not one to miss.

£ 3