Friday Apr 22



Exciter Sound System presents METAMORPH 2....another chance to experience some cool underground electronic music, a very deep, powerful and high quality sound system, multi-coloured 3D laser projections, and a pub venue steeped in alternative music history with an interesting range of drinks.


TINNY [Puretek]...a stalwart of the Leeds techno scene, he's comfortable playing anything along these lines, but on this occasion, you can probably expect him to close the night with something like a Ben Simms type of set. I don't think I need to say anything else, you know he's good.

GHOST DOG (UK)[Exciter Sound System]...a multi-genre producer/mixologist/promoter who always returns to techno, mostly of the hard/dark variety. This set will see the night step up in power/tempo, but picking up from the previous DJ with some deep but heavy vibes, graduating to darker, harsher, more industrial sounds.

CATERAN [Syntax/Auxiliary]...a producer, label manager, prize-winning DJ (a mutual friend tells me), and a master of the deep, whether it be house or techno. If you're not already dancing, this is where you'll start to think about it, as the music becomes more dancefloor-specific.

BEN LEWIS [UFO Club/Crossed Wires/Outlaws Yacht Club]...a very experienced multi-genre DJ and promoter. He'll be easing us in with deep and dubby techno infused with ambient soundscapes and samples galore, I expect. There'll no doubt be some beautiful tunes in there.

£ 5 OTD