Friday Jan 19


Loop Hole's 2nd Birthday

we are back at THE FENTON on the 19th of january

this is set to be very special - we are celebrating Loop Hole's 2nd birthday!! 

the fenton is a super convenient and cosy space that gives off a real intimate house party vibe, especially with our own touches.. lights, aromas, etc 

with special attention to this one, we will showcase the sounds that we've been loving over the past couple years. expect anything and everything that will make you move - from dub to techno to disco, new wave to house to funk and so on - you know the deal. all sounds played through a rotary mixer w/ dub fx. 

please come with a friendly attitude and respect the vibe

early bird tickets on RA for 3 quid or standard ticks a bit more. 5 otd. if you wanna come for free, come down before nine, and experience the whole party. limited capacity!!


see you on the floor!

£ 5