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Lost Effect Dakesis Hamerex Ziggurat £4 ENTRY AT the Fenton

once again big birthday plans happening again 

Lost Effect- York symphonic metal rejoin a soulmare night after a while away from the helm that is the fenton.
Lost Effect are a five piece melodic metal band from York. Formed around January 2008, Lost Effect play a unique style of metal with many varied influences. With instances of straight up classic metal riffs, clean melodic passages, bang your head breakdowns, death metal roars and the odd progressive element, Lost Effect's style is something to be witnessed for itself. The band utilise a beauty and the beast style of vocals, which to quote DJ Beerman from Top Rock Radio "abuses and caresses your ears".

Dakesis - Birmingham power metal
Dakesis are a four piece Progressive Power Metal band from Birmingham, UK. Formed in 2008, with the release of a limited edition four track E.P they soon followed on with their debut album ‘Trial By Fire’ in 2011 to much critical acclaim. Following on from their success of this album and extensive touring and festival appearances throughout the UK, the band went on to record their second full length album “The New Dawn”, released in March 2016.

Their latest release was recorded at Carbon Studios in Birmingham and mixed by Nino Laurenne at Sonic Pump Studios based in Finland (Ensiferum, Wintersun, Stratovarious and Firewind) and sees a marked change in the direction of the band. With more progressive influences and the addition of powerfully epic orchestral backing alongside new session keyboard player Jacob Underwood, Dakesis have sculpted a vast instrumental soundscape alongside the heavier metal influences.

The band have toured the UK extensively and have enjoyed prestigious support and festival slots including playing with Edguy, Thunderstone, Blaze Bailey and Pagan’s Mind and performing at Glastonbudget, Bloodstock Open Air 2012, Valkyrian Festival and headlining the Cackblabbath Stage at Wildfire Festival in 2015.

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Hamerex - local west yorkshire metal band ready to thrash things off to a good start
Hamerex are a heavy metal band founded in 2004 by guitarist Steve Blower. The band also consists of guitarist Andy Firth, bassist Marc Hood and drummer Sharif Diz Dyson.

Hamerex are an energetic and entertaining live band with their influences coming through in both their music and live shows. Hamerex have supported such bands as PowerQuest, Conquest Of Steel and Funeral For A Friend as well as playing at Clarence Park Music Festival in July 2012 and Coalfields Festival in July 2014.

2012 saw Hamerex release their debut album on Casket Music which was highly praised by a number of reviewers with Rhys Stevenson of Global Metal Network saying "'Rites Of Passage' brings a whole new stance on the meaning of original and traditional, this is by far one of the most impressive rejuvenations of old style metal to be unleashed, a sheer class of absolute proportions."

2013 saw the band open for Funeral For A Friend in April, which was then followed up with the release of the highly praised 'IX' album, which was considered a "work of art" and "masterpiece" by fans, with high praise also from reviewers. The band supported the album playing live regularly through late 2013 to early 2014, with the band celebrating their 10 year anniversary with a special gig, with a set list chosen by the fans, and also marked the departure of long time vocalist Chris Moules.

The latter part of 2014 saw the band start work on a new E.P. which would be fronted by Steve Blower. 'The Last Ride' was released in March 2015 and was once again highly praised by reviewers, with Steve's vocals coming as quite a surprise to those that followed the band previously.

Shortly after the band had released 'The Last Ride', the band began writing and recording their follow up to 'IX', titled 'Traitor', and is currently out and gaining high praise from fans and reviewers.

Ziggurat - leeds prog metal band will kick off proceedings
Leeds based Progressive Metal band.
Massive. Doom. Prog
@zigguratuk instagram

£4 ENTRY 19:00pm Doors 19:30pm First Band

£ 4