Thursday May 16


Fowler x Orlando Manning at the Fenton


Fowler is an acoustic singer-songwriter, originally from Dorset and now based in Leeds. His music is a fusion of authentic tones and expansive melodies that combine to create a unique, individual sound that imprints his own style on the music industry. Fowler’s debut album ‘Crossroads’ (released October 2018) is available to download and stream on all platforms and is a sample of his first - year portfolio at Leeds College of Music. Fowler is a classically trained musician and over the years has learnt to adapt and apply this background to his contemporary music. The creations of Justin Vernon and his band Bon Iver are an on-going inspiration, as their music has always fascinated him for its creativity and diversity. Although his music is not a representation of this style, he applies a similar feel and emotion to his own compositions. In terms of instrumentation, he is inspired by the piano ability of singer-songwriter Tom Odell, whose voicings and inversions of chords have encouraged him to rethink his compositional style.

Orlando Manning:

Orlando Manning is a 21 year old singer/ songwriter from Stockwell, London. His music attempts to pay respect to the western folk tradition, while incorporating aspects of more modern techniques. With an emphasis on evocative lyrics, Orlando aims to bridge the music of the 1960s folk revival into contemporary music. Orlando's influences range from traditional folk singers such as Ewan MacColl and the early work of Bob Dylan and Joan Baez through to the contemporary work of acts such as Keaton Henson and Fionn Regan.


£ 4 advance, £5 OTD