Wednesday Jan 15


Soulmare presents February Thrasher ft. Eradikator + Supports

Soulmare is proud to bring you an anti-valentine's show of the highest calibre thrash and death metal. Come and bang your head at Soulmare's February Thrasher! Featuring headliners Eradikator, supported by Psython, Vulgar Dissection, and Anarcadia.
Tickets: £7 online / £10 OTD
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Eradikator: Riding high on the wave of new album 'Obscura', Eradikator cannot fail to bang heads! With their crushingly heavy yet infectiously melodic grooves, don't miss the forefront of UK Thrash!

Psython: ReytMetal from Yorkshire! Psython's music is not subtle. It's a blunt, forceful, heavy, brick-to-the-face slab of exciting crossover thrash. With a motto of an album a year, Psython always have something new to offer even the veteran fan, and their live show is thrashingly fun!

Vulgar Dissection: Bringing a crushing take on death metal comes Vulgar DIssection. Speed mixed with sludge. Their skull meltingly heavy riffs and dual vocal attack make for a live dynamic that is umissably unique

Anarcadia: Leeds based progressive thrashers Anarcadia return to The Fenton Setting the tone with their grooving riffs, we are proud to welcome Anarcadia back to open the evening's proceedings


£ £7, £10 OTD