Friday May 13



Join us on *Friday the 13th May* for the last PubDub before Summer!

This month we bring you Special Guest DBC3 from York.

Original Electro Dub created in The Dub Barn in northern England, DBC3 is a mesmerizing and multi-talented collective composed by our Geeky (melodica, bass, production), C J Chi (percussion, dubbing & production), Col J (visuals & beeps & bleeps) as well as long time collaborators & special guests Dandy Dizzle (lyrical hitman), Nikki H (vox), Bryn D (flute, clarinet) and Rich T (guitar).

They have supported the Dub Pistols, shaken rib cages through many sound systems like Irie Vibes, Green Man Hifi, Sugar Sound Hifi, performed at many U.K. festivals including Equinox, Solfest, Northern Green Gathering, and played live DJ Sets at several reggae nights in the U.K. We are ecstatic to welcome them for what promises to be a banging DJ set at #PubDub!

DBC3 have had support with their releases from King Shiloh, Jah love Sound System (Poland), Roots Yard Radio, Reel Roots Radio, Roots Train Radio, TS1 Reggae, Step it up Sound (Scotland), KMAH Radio,& Dimensions of Dub EH- FM.Live, Noods Radio, U - Key Live Stream (Japan) Reggae Be,, and Culture Dub.


At either side of our Special Guest this month we have Reaction Crew members:

*High Lassie* who will be opening the night with a fresh selection peppered by ad-libitum live sax performance by Sian Darkeyes… come down early as this is a rare treat and another first for #PubDub!

*Jedi Pete* who will dextrously raise the temperature on the dancefloor, before you know it you'll be stepping and skanking hard!


Doors: 9pm

£ 5