Saturday Feb 12



Prepare yourself for another Day Of Misery you absolute heathens!!!
A full day of soul crushing riffs and blast beats featuring some of your favourites.
Come out at play, let's have another solid mates fest.


Coltsblood - We here at IOM are absolutely buzzing to announce our headliners. An all consuming leviathan of total utter darkness spreading the most malevolent, seething, punishingly heavy Blackened & Deathened Doom that this island has ever produced. You'll need protection for your soul aswell as your ears.
Ffo: Primitive Man, Incantation, Thergothon, Disembowelment.

Gets Worse - After all the proper horrible crap we've had to go through these last two years it's so good to know our bestest boys, our lovely, lovely Leeds Powerviolence smash crew will return to kick absolute fuck out of us again. Lets get negged!
Ffo: Despise You, Iron Lung, Dropdead, Weekend Nachos.

Utopia - Imagine the soundtrack to a meltdown in a nuclear powered laboratory that creates extreme music artificial intelligence. Undefinable heaviness bursting out of the same scene that spawned some of the sickest most bewilderingly technical and innovative sounds of the early 00's UK underground. Welcome to a brave new world.
Ffo: Reth, Psyopus, King Crimson, Allan Holdsworth.

Deus Vermin - Lightless, joyless, hopeless savage Blackened Death brutality from the dankest voids of Leeds. Dead but dreaming for a few years and now resurfacing in MMXXII with new and hideous sounds to share. Eyes peeled for more information.
Ffo: Ulcerate, Portal, Celeste, Immolation.

Atomck - Based welshgrind from Bristol, down south. Unhinged, shrieking, blasting madness!
Ffo: Discordance Axis, Cephalic Carnage, Brutal Truth.

Razoreater - Skin shredding grindviolence back with a brutal vengeance. Buzzsaw riffage, frantic blastbeats and savage vocals inflicting a merciless, unrelenting beating. Get on their new ep Purgatory right now if you like being badly fucked up.
Ffo: Nasum, Magrudergrind, Rotten Sound, Six Brew Bantha.

The Air Turned To Acid - Very excited to have these back after the beating they gave us supporting Terzj De Horde a couple of years ago. Shapeshifting polyrhythmic Blackened Sludge and pounding ouch sound nastiness.
Ffo: Admiral Angry, The Abominable Iron Sloth, Thou, Meshuggah.

Votiv - Brand new Leeds D-beat rollin' like a freight train and featuring lovely ex-Groak faces.
Ffo: Brand new Leeds bands featuring lovely ex-Groak faces.


Advance tickets available via Skiddle.

Doors open at 2pm and first band is on at 3pm. Get there early if you wanna get in.

£ 9